Letting go

Sometimes you are forced in a direction you should of chosen on your own. When someone fires you from a job after you have worked as hard and honest as you can or when a partner leaves you or removes you from their lives don’t chase them. Chasing things and people who have already left your life will leave you feeling lonely and in an empty void. If you have done all you can to make the situation right whether it is professionally or personally, let go and move on, You never know what is waiting for you just around the corner.

Too many times in my life I have sat and wondered “why?” not just “why me?” but “why?” Although I believe it is important to ask these questions, I also believe it is just as important to not dwell on them. There are many things in this life that seem permanent or healthy on the surface however underneath they are frail, bitter and fake. Just like a person will wear make up on their face to cover up unwanted blemishes or patchy skin, so too can people put on a mask to cover their true self. Once these people leave your life unexpectedly you can often be left feeling confused. This is generally because the person who you saw everyday on the outside was just a make or ‘cover up’ for what was really on the inside of them.

This is true also when it comes to being fired from a job or cut from your sporting team. When you have received accolades or positive feedback in the past it can become a complete surprise to you when you are asked to leave that job or team. Often this is due to hidden agendas of those in authority over our positions in life. These hidden agendas whether it is professionally or personally are agenda’s we can not see. This mean we are again confused left asking “why? I have learnt that because I can not see people’s hidden agenda’s I need to not dwell on the “why?” because more often than not I will never get a true answer to that question.

Understanding that you will never know everything in life and letting go of control will allow you to not only let go but to also feel free. When we hold things and people too tightly we find it more difficult to move on or let go we when it is removed from our life. I am however not saying that you should detach yourself emotionally from a partner in order to not get hurt or not try hard everyday at work and put 100% effort in all the time, what I am saying is that more often than not things and people in our life are not permanent and we need to accept that at any moment things and people can change. If we do this we can be more confident knowing that life has many seasons and in your life these seasons have different duration’s. Seasons come and go and so do people, jobs, sporting teams, your favourite bands and even your favourite chocolate! So I would encourage you to yes ask the question “why?’ however do not dwell on it. Instead, look up, get up and let go.

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