About Renee

My goal is to be an inspiration to those who feel that they have nothing further to live for. I have been to that very dark place where there is absolutely no vision through those dark stormy clouds and I along with  many others have still lived to see another day. It is possible; it is possible that the sun can shine again on your life. I intend to share these experiences and how I recovered in the hope that other people will find hope that pain can fade away and life can be great again.

Renee is a mental health advocate and has created this blog to learn, discuss and get tips for mental and emotional well being. Feel free to share, comment and express your insights into this great world of mental and emotional health.

Book Renee for your next event. Renee has spoken regularly in corporate and team meetings, as a key note speaker in national and international conferences and to her local community groups. With a Certificate IV in Mental Health Work (Non-Clinical) and a Certificate IV in Alcohol and other Drug Work, Renee can bring teaching and inspiration to your next seminar or event.

What others are saying;

Renee is a gifted speaker who possesses excellent knowledge of topics relevant to mental and emotional health. She is also a lot of fun to spend time with and genuinely caring. 

Alanna Sorrensen 

BSocWk, MForMentH

“Renee is a remarkable speaker and has the ability to share real life experiences of complex issues with an ease that provides clarity and understanding to the listener. She not only motivates but inspires and has personally assisted me along my business journey as a counsellor”
Bev McKenzie
Owner of Private Practice
Dip. Counselling



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